Baked Mushrooms and White Beans With Buttery Bread Crumbs Recipe (2024)

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Delicious and fairly quick to come together. I found the added broth remained too thin after baking. Next time I might mash a portion of the beans and recombine at the mixing stage to make the sauce creamier. Goat cheese worked fine as a sub for feta.


More of a question than a note: Is this dish suitable for preparing in advance and then reheating just before serving? I am thinking of making this the day before and bringing as a vegetarian option for a Christmas dinner.

DD Thexton

I'm going to try this with some shredded lacinato kale stirred in with the mushrooms while sauteeing. Then it's a one-pot complete meal!


I stirred one can of beans into the mushrooms, and it seemed like the balance was off, so I added another can of beans, and that was just right for a main dish to serve 4 adults. With the extra beans, and baking it on the convection setting, all the liquid was absorbed. A perfect entree for Meatless Monday!


My husband rated this a "keeper." I used less vegetable broth, as recommended. It was even better the next day as leftovers. I can picture lots of variations. Rosemary would also be good. Sage and parsley would turn it into a vegetarian Thanksgiving dish. Thyme and oregano with ricotta would give it Italian flair. Oregano, lemon and feta for Greek. I can't wait to experiment.It would also work as a crostini topping for a hearty appetizer.


Hi...Just did a "rif" on this recipe and wanted to share. I liked the basic recipe, beans, shallots, mushrooms, (goat) cheese but wanted a quiche like finish. Did steps 1& 2 as directed but only added 1/2 cup stock. baked 350. Then beat one egg and 1/2 c half and half. When I pulled out of oven I poured in egg mix. Layed a bit of phyllo dough that was hanging around and some bread crumbs. Put back in oven and baked another 10-15. Also made this entirely in a 12" cast iron skillet. YUM!


I'd do it through step 3, then reheat, add the (uncooked) bread crumbs, and broil just before serving. Otherwise the breadcrumbs will get soggy and you'll miss the lovely texture contrast!


Great starting off point recipe. Used black beans & garbanzos, cooked all on top of stove (no oven) & omitted cheese for vegan eaters. Lots of herbs added as well as touch of lemon juice. Very tasty


This was delicious and quick to prepare. The only change I made was to add a squeeze of lemon before topping with the bread crumbs.


dried ricotta cheese (same texture as feta w/ o salt) and a lovely flavor vs the beans.


So simple and delicious! Cook time goes quick, used a cast iron pan. I had a hard time browning the mushrooms since they sweat so much. We served with fresh goat cheese instead of feta, which we were happy with. I too recommend half the portion of stock. We served simply over mashed potatoes, with avocado-spinaxh salad and a fun, complex garnaxa blanca.


Delish. I used vegan feta and it worked out just fine. I substituted a cup of dry stuffing mix for the homemade bread crumbs because I had neither the time or the inclination to make homemade for a weeknight meal. The fam all loved it. Will use less broth next time.


The stock is not too much if you don’t serve it right away. Delicious! It tastes like the best parts of winter holidays.


This was great but I did tweak based on other reviews- cooked mushrooms in Marsala wine, and they took 15 full minutes to cook down all the way. Used 2 cans of beans, and added 5 oz baby spinach at the same time. (The greens made the dish and I definitely would do that again, maybe with kale/collards/chard as well.) Used 1/2 cup stock and the final product was moist throughout with just a little liquid on the bottom for bread-dipping. Also, added 1.5 cups breadcrumbs for 3 tbsp butter. So good!!


I used pre-cooked Rancho Gordo scarlet runners – a very large lima-like bean with a deep purple color. Thought it might turn things muddy, but it ended up looking beautiful. Used torn chunks of a king trumpet & oyster mushrooms and about a 1/2 cup veg stock, as suggested. The buttery crisped breadcrumbs and fresh parsley on top took it next level. The whole thing came together surprisingly quickly. Def one you can riff on and easily adaptable to what you have on hand.

Annie J

Loved this one! Been trying to eat more beans and this doesn't skimp on flavor (and wasn't tough to throw together after all the prep)! Kept the recipe as-is, loved it.


Use Great Northern beans instead. Mom uses Gruyère


This came together so quickly and was super tasty! I didn’t have any stock but used 1/2 cup of a white wine, a can of butter beans and dried thyme to save myself a trip to the grocery store. Will definitely be making again.


This was delicious despite using parmesan reggiano Next time we would add more mushrooms and try feta. It was definite comfort food for a cold January nite in Central New York.


SO savory and delectable. I was trying to use up a box of fresh thyme from the holidays, so I added a few sprigs to the saucepan as I was melting the butter. It really kicked it up a notch!


Wonderful! Made last night with a few revisions: subbed vegan butter, added Tuscan kale and leeks sautéed with the other veg, used 2 cans of beans per another reviewer, added a splash of vegan cream with the stock, and topped with dollops of homemade tofu ricotta instead of the feta. And more herbs. Could have eaten the whole pot! Fresh breadcrumbs really were the key here - this tasted like the best thanksgiving stuffing. Would serve this for the holidays for sure. Glad I found this recipe!


Had to cook it longer than instructions as too much liquid remained after the initial 15 minutes. Next time I will reduce the amount of stock


So good and reheated so well -- it will compromise some of the crispiness of the panko, but would recommend adding a little more chicken stock to the leftovers when reheating in oven or toaster oven.


Was especially tasty with homemade breadcrumbs: 50/50 sweeter sandwich bread and baguette/something more neutral


Use 2 cans of beans. Cook 10 min longer than listed


A fantastic recipe that lends itself, as a previous commentator said, to many combinations of cheese and fresh herbs. In my view, starting with dried beans makes a huge improvement to the taste. I used GF bread crumbs (made from rice), to enable a family member to eat it. I'm going to use them from now on --so much tastier.

Ghee Lardon

Made this for the first time this evening - kitchen smelled great with the garlic, time, mushrooms etc. Used the full cup of stock but let the finished product set for about 30 minutes before digging in (following another reader's suggestion) and the consistency was lovely. Used goat cheese instead of feta - yum. Next time I will use coarser bread crumbs which I think will be more aesthetically pleasing and give it more crunch.


The best NYTimes recipes are riffable and this one definitely is. I made this for two and halved most of the recipe but not the beans. I used Better Than Bouillon Mushroom for the stock. I skipped the breadcrumbs because I've never been a fan - I don't know why. But I did add a large handful of baby spinach after taking the beans from the oven. Perfection, and so easy. Thank you!

This was delicious

I cooked some dried beans to use and also added 1/3 cup of dry tiny lentils. I baked on low for 2 hours. The lentils soaked up the broth and the entire dish was absolutely delicious. Even better the second day.

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Baked Mushrooms and White Beans With Buttery Bread Crumbs Recipe (2024)
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