IHOP® Breakfast Restaurant Near You in Kenner, at 3117 Loyola Drive (2024)

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  • IHOP® Breakfast Restaurant Near You in Kenner, at 3117 Loyola Drive (1)
  • IHOP® Breakfast Restaurant Near You in Kenner, at 3117 Loyola Drive (2)
  • IHOP® Breakfast Restaurant Near You in Kenner, at 3117 Loyola Drive (3)
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Restaurant Amenities

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IHOP 3117 Loyola Drive

Visit your Favorite Breakfast Restaurant in Kenner

As you make your way down Loyola Drive and Veterans Memorial Boulevard or Loyola Drive and Williams Boulevard, take a break and dine in at your local IHOP restaurant! Our menu is full of variety and ready for you any time of day. For the breakfast lovers, we’ve got stacks of world-famous IHOP Pancakes and an array of delicious freshly made Omelettes, or you can dive into our newest breakfast items and try our tasty Eggs Benedicts or our Sweet and Savory Crepes. And if you happen to be gluten intolerant, never fear! We’ve now launched our Gluten-Friendly options with pancakes and more!

Maybe you’re on your way to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and hungry for mouth-watering food? Why not try our popular Entrées like Grilled Atlantic Salmon or Sirloin Steak Tips? Or peruse our or Platters Menus – we serve it all!

At IHOP, we invite the whole family to join us - Appetites big and small, we cater to all. Choose one of our fun-filled Kids Menu or order from our exclusive just for 55+ Menu. The best part – use the convenient IHOP 'N Go App and get 20% off by using code IHOP20 on your 1st order. Now that is savings the whole family will love!

This IHOP breakfast restaurant is located at 3117 Loyola Drive, Kenner 70065 between W Esplanade Ave and Veterans Memorial Blvd. Our nearest bus stop is Loyola Drive & Williams Blvd.


The Best Lunch and Dinner Spots Near 70065

Fuel up with a mouthwatering lunch or dinner at this Kenner IHOP at the intersection of Loyola Dr & Williams Blvd. Try our Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, or any of our juicy and more menu favorites that are sure to delight!

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What's on the Menu at IHOP Kenner

Family Feasts (IHOP ‘N GO only)
Hand-Crafted Melts
55+ Menu

See Full Menu

So Many Delicious Menu Choices at IHOP

Our pancakes are world-famous, but we pride ourselves on continuously updating our current offerings! Try Our New Menu Items for a sure way to satisfy every appetite. The Juicy Steakburger or Chicken Sandwich would make the perfect feast for today. Take advantage of each limited time offer of discounted menu items. Come on in and enjoy the food you love with the people you love!


Enjoy IHOP and Soak up Some Sunshine at Veterans Park

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors or just want some flavorful food at home, order some IHOP favorites for Takeout or Delivery and live your best life!

Here are some easy locations nearby to savor your IHOP meal:

  • Laketown Park
  • Susan Park

We’ve got the answer for your next fiesta too – IHOP offers Catering for events like team-building, birthday parties, family reunions, you name it! Place a quick and convenient order that will put a smile on your plate!

Our Breakfast Restaurant Bordering Metairie
and Near These Kenner Destinations

When you visit this IHOP location for our world-famous pancakes and delicious lunch and dinner specials, you’re in great company with nearby Kenner Crossing shopping. This local community is host to celebrated annual events!

  • Crawfish Festival
  • Kenner Farmers Market

We also salute those serving our local neighborhood, including the staff at Jefferson Parish Government Center and Kenner Police Department, and the hard-working teams at Jefferson Parish Government Building and Kenner Fire Department Station 2. We’re thrilled to share this vibrant Kenner neighborhood with you!

Making a hunger stop on your road trip? You’ll find our location nestled near these cities and landmarks:

  • Metairie
  • New Orleans
  • Harvey
  • Chalmette
  • Mississippi River
  • Pontchartrain Estuary

Upcoming Events at IHOP® Kenner, LA

  • New Waffles

Frequently Asked Questions About IHOP Restaurant in Kenner

Does IHOP in Kenner, LA Have a Senior Discount?

IHOP’s special senior menu offers guests 55+ delicious menu items at lower prices!

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IHOP® Breakfast Restaurant Near You in Kenner, at 3117 Loyola Drive (2024)
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