Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (2024)

Avoid like the plague or embrace with open arms, irrespective of yourValentine's Day approach, the date is fast approaching.

Forget petal-strewn sheets and grand gestures, February 14th is yours to define.

Celebrate love in all its forms, unrequited or otherwise, but more importantly, for fashion fanatics V-Day presents the perfect opportunity to dress up in something slightly special, infused with an air of romance.

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How we chose:

  • Style and V-Day-appropriate:The outfits selected below have been personally selected by us, the Hello! Fashion team. We've scoured the internet's top fashion sites and chosen pieces centred around the theme of Valentine's Day, but that are also reflective of what we love and would genuinely wear.
  • Price:Whether you're planning on splashing out or bagging a bargain, we've got a piece in your price range. We've curated our outfits using a mix of high-street brands and luxe designer labels.

TheHello! Fashionteam share what to wear on the most romantic night of the year:

Natalie Salmon, Editor

"I'm that annoying person who actually likes Valentine's Day. I usually host dinner parties - where everyone is requested to wear red. It's a great colour as it suits everyone (in my opinion), and the soirée ensures no one is lonely on V-Day. The red tights trend is perfect for this year's festivities."

Carrie Mini Dress, £359.00, Filiarmi; Mysasi London Ladies 40 Denier Opaque Tights, £2.50-£4.99, Amazon; Sling Back Heel Shoes, £49.99, Mango; Heart Drop Stud Earrings In Gold, £95.00, Astrid & Miyu; Quilted Micro Bag, £135.00, Cos


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Chloe Gallacher, Fashion Assistant

Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (4)© Phill Taylor

Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (5)

"Valentine's Day is one of those occasions where you can go all out so I tend to channel sophisticated yet sexy. Sticking with my minimalist style, a classic LBD is the perfect thing for me, and this Ganni number ticks every box. To embrace the Valentine's spirit, I'd add pops of colour through accessories – I love the woven detailing and gold hardware on this Bottega Veneta clutch, and it's a classic style I could wear time and time again. I'd pair it with a classic knee-high boot – a real investment due to their wearability – and gold jewellery to complement the hardware on the bag."

Black Cotton Poplin Smock Mini Dress, £215.00, Ganni; Bottega Veneta Knot padded Intrecciato Leather Clutch, £2,780.00, Net-A-Porter; Staud Cami Leather Knee Boots, £530.00, Net-A-Porter; Intertwined Hoop Earrings, £15.99, Mango

Orin Carlin, SEO Content Writer

Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (6)© Orin Carlin

Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (7)

"I'm pretty apathetic towards Valentine's Day, but rest assured, I won't let a chance to dress up pass me by. I personally prefer to pay tribute via a calculated nod (rather than a sartorial megaphone) to save me from slipping into novelty territory. I'm a sucker for a voluminous sleeve, and this knit by Ulla Johnson in a soothing brick shade is just gorgeous – I'm head over heels for the delicate tulle arrangement. I'd style it with these coated red flares by Rick Owens and high-octane platforms by Aquazzura to up the ante and tie it all together with a plush bow by Jennifer Behr. I'm a red lip fanatic, especially for special occasions, but at the moment I'm hooked on the mute pink-vermillion of Chanel's 31 Le Rouge in 'Rouge Croisière'."

Ulla Johnson Lenora Tulle-Trimmed Ribbed-Knit Top, £533.00, Net-A-Porter; Rick OwensBolan Coated Cotton-Blend Flared Pants,£525.00, Net-A-Porter; Jennifer BehrVelvet Bow Barrette, £146.00, Farfetch; 31 Le Rouge in 'Rouge Croisière', £140.00, Chanel; Sundance 140 Metallic Leather Platform Sandals, £715.00, Net-A-Porter

Lauren Ramsay, Digital Writer

Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (8)© Phill Taylor

Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (9)

"Valentine's Day (or Galentines Day) is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and give yourself some love. Rebecca Vallance has nailed sultry femininity with this fiery red dress complete with bows (a major trend right now). A pair of tights and black heels is my go-to when wearing any short outfit in the February cold - just ensure your hosiery is a light dernier to keep the look soirée-appropriate. I love this heart bag by Kate Spade for an added romantic touch."

Rebecca Vallance Off-Shoulder Bow-Detail Minidress, £380.00, Mytheresa; 20 Denier Sheer Tights, £6.99, Calzedonia; Pitter Patter 3D Heart Crossbody, £450.00, Kate Spade

Orion Scott, Fashion Features Writer

Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (10)© Orion Scott

Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (11)

"I love an occasion, especially when it's themed so my dream V-Day date night look would ideally involve a lot of red hearts. I love the idea of wearing a cute dress, like this one from Moschino which has the most adorable heart motif and cut-out panels and pairing it with leather loafers and scrunched socks. As someone with short hair, I love to add clips to accessorise and these red Miu Miu ones perfectly match both the dress and shoes. To finish off the look I would throw this divine Coach heart bag over my shoulder and pop on the red lip."

Moschino Jeans Heart-Motif Cut-Out Minidress, £430.00, Farfetch; Weejuns Penny Love LoafersRed & Black Leather, £180.00, G.H. Bass; Enameled Metal Hair Clips, £380.00, Miu Miu; Coachtopia Loop Puffy Heart Bag, £175.00,Coach

HELLO!'s selection is editorial and independently chosen – we only feature items our editors love and approve of. HELLO! may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. To find out more visit ourFAQ page.

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Valentine's Day outfit ideas we're currently crushing on (2024)
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